Category: #beeldenpark_presikhaaf

  • influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

    influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

    Hidden bronze sculpture (1967) by unknown artist, duplicated and placed in other part of Presikhaaf, Arnhem. Part of #beeldenpark_presikhaaf, a curated series of interventions in public space, within the framework of projectspace Motel Spatie, Arnhem. >>   *influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

  • influenza/Aldo, 2018

    influenza/Aldo, 2018

    for #beeldenpark_presikhaaf I managed to save a classic Aldo van Eijck climbing arch from destruction. Dug up at a schoolplayground and replaced as public sculpture in a suburbian field in Presikhaaf Arnhem. *influenza/Aldo, 2018.  Hosted by Motel Spatie