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  • bad weather #2

    bad weather #2

    *spraypaint on window @ Wallgallery [37th floor], Rotterdam

  • bad weather #1

    bad weather #1

    Black Flakes Bad Weather / View On Rotterdam South from, 2019 *spraypaint on window @ Wallgallery [37th floor], Rotterdam

  • influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

    influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

    Hidden bronze sculpture (1967) by unknown artist, duplicated and placed in other part of Presikhaaf, Arnhem. Part of #beeldenpark_presikhaaf, a curated series of interventions in public space, within the framework of projectspace Motel Spatie, Arnhem. >>   *influenza/quattro_stagioni, 2018

  • influenza/Aldo, 2018

    influenza/Aldo, 2018

    for #beeldenpark_presikhaaf I managed to save a classic Aldo van Eijck climbing arch from destruction. Dug up at a schoolplayground and replaced as public sculpture in a suburbian field in Presikhaaf Arnhem. *influenza/Aldo, 2018.  Hosted by Motel Spatie

  • Sicht Op Nachtelyk Aernem

    Sicht Op Nachtelyk Aernem

    Sicht Op Nachtelyk Aernem, Als Gheleghen op de Linken Zyde Vanden Rijn, 2016-2017 / 2018* [het stadslandschap als hedendaags genrestuk, vrij naar Ruisdael] >>>

  • Ran

    Ran Ran, 2017 A drawing, being run by various players, obscured by a black dot. “Since 4 years now, Jeroen Jongeleen extended his artpractice with running distances and traces. Tricked by the shortcuts he photographed in parks, he desided to construct his own paths by running for hours and hours along his own drawn parcours. […]

  • Meneer Vandalen Wacht Op Antwoord

    Meneer Vandalen Wacht Op Antwoord

    Meneer Vandalen Wacht Op Antwoord *as part of Daydreaming subverts the world, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem 2017 D Haarlems Dagblad

  • Running A Pedestal

    Running A Pedestal

    Running A Pedestal, Rotterdam (18 km),  2014   (4 x 9 km, through gallery district) Annual Spring Performance Festival, De Pijp @UpstreamGallery, Amsterdam 2015   Running A Pedestal, Shelburne Vermont USA, 2015   Running A Pedestal, BCA, Burlington Vermont USA, 2015    

  • Running A Circle Clockwise

    Running A Circle Clockwise

    Jeroen Jongeleen ran a full circle on a 5.5 meter radius string for 8 hours consistently, creating a drawing in the effort. His feet being the tools, the park his canvas. The work found its final public place on the webdomain In the webformat he keeps running a fragment of his action forever, as […]

  • Work no. 850

    Work no. 850

    Jeroen Jongeleen Running Martin Creed, nr. 850 @ Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, 2017.  

  • Hyperactive Citizens / Disclaimer 2005

    Hyperactive Citizens / Disclaimer 2005

    Hyperactive Citizens / Influenza Disclaimer@ Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Project @ Rotterdam, 2005 “Disclaimer/ The maker of this work denies any responsibility for the suggested content of the image, intervention and textwork presented under the name influenza. It is presented as a mere artistic reflection of contemporary urban life. It is not meant to encourage […]

  • Hyperactive Citizens / A Bunch Of Guys, 2006

    Hyperactive Citizens / A Bunch Of Guys, 2006

    “New evidence shows that extremist cells can form spontainiously without any connection to established organisations. Analysis of various networks has shown that most people who join an organisation, join when they are already radicalized, and crucially  this radicalisation process has happened among a group of friends. we call this the bunch of guys theory. The […]

  • Hyperactive Citizens / the age of iconoclasts

    Hyperactive Citizens / the age of iconoclasts

    Hyperactive Citizens / the age of iconoclasts (een extract) “[…]painting, drawing and sculpture seem about to implode. Artists push back any remaining boundaries and defy the establishment, creating an art that reject genres, conventional media and even form. The result is hard to describe, flying in the face of art’s whole raison d’être. Critics devise […]

  • Cityjewels, 2007

    Cityjewels, 2007

    @ Atelier als Supermedium, Rijswijk, the Netherlands  

  • Cityjewels 1999 – 2012

    Cityjewels 1999 – 2012

    Broken car glass, taken from the streets infront and around museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, was collected, washed and presented under the name Cityjewels.   , aswell as being replaced in the streets. 2012   First exhibited in 1999, after since 2000 in collection museum BvB. and redisplayed in 2012.

  • ghost_


    Vinyl stickers @ Upstream Gallery Amsterdam, 2012

  • Geen Stijl  / The Dark Side, 2016

    Geen Stijl / The Dark Side, 2016

                * @ Nafer Loves You Supermarket: Navin Thakoer, Jeroen Jongeleen, Martha Cooper, Coolsingel 79, Rotterdam >>> Geen Stijl / The Dark Side, 2016 Sinds jaar en dag struint Jeroen Jongeleen het internet af naar de onderbuik van onze samenleving. Niet zozeerom louter masochistiche danwel sadistische overwegingen alswel om een beeld te krijgen vn de toon, […]

  • free money for all!!!

    free money for all!!!

         “halbe zijlstra: Er zit pijn in de bezuinigingen, dat klopt” * €200.000.000 free money, Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam 2011

  • Pointless Oneliners, 2003>

    Pointless Oneliners, 2003>


  • Pointless Oneliner, 2006

    Pointless Oneliner, 2006

      * A-so-ut, CBK Rotterdam 2006 Pointless Oneliner being drawn from the inside to the outside, along the windows towarts and over the wall of the neighbours.

  • Pointless Oneliner, 2005

    Pointless Oneliner, 2005

    * CrashTest, Filter gallery, Hamburg, Germany 2005

  • Pointless Oneliner

    Pointless Oneliner

    * 2004-2006 >

  • flag


    * a blend between Supermarket flag (Bas van der Heijden) and Cultural Capital (Rotterdam2001) flag turned into pirateflag. Room, Rotterdam 2001

  • Geen Stijl, Heerlen

    Geen Stijl, Heerlen

    Reaguurders Delight     “Het Is Geen Stijl En Anders Niet! [Poëzie vanuit de onderbuik*] Men zegt dat de liefde door de maag gaat. Bij kunst is het niet veel anders. Iedereen heeft er een idee over, ongeacht of men er verstand van heeft of niet. Dat is het feest van de kunst vandaag. Toegankelijker […]

  • Exaggerations


    * VU,Amsterdam 2007