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  • Running A Circle Clockwise

    Running A Circle Clockwise

    Jeroen Jongeleen ran a full circle on a 5.5 meter radius string for 8 hours consistently, creating a drawing in the effort. His feet being the tools, the park his canvas. The work found its final public place on the webdomain In the webformat he keeps running a fragment of his action forever, as […]

  • Hyperactive Citizens / Disclaimer 2005

    Hyperactive Citizens / Disclaimer 2005

    Hyperactive Citizens / Influenza Disclaimer@ Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Project @ Rotterdam, 2005 “Disclaimer/ The maker of this work denies any responsibility for the suggested content of the image, intervention and textwork presented under the name influenza. It is presented as a mere artistic reflection of contemporary urban life. It is not meant to encourage […]

  • Cityjewels 1999 – 2012

    Cityjewels 1999 – 2012

    Broken car glass, taken from the streets infront and around museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, was collected, washed and presented under the name Cityjewels.   ,¬†aswell as being replaced in the streets. 2012 ¬† First exhibited in 1999, after since 2000 in collection museum BvB. and redisplayed in 2012.