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web first crossrun 1978

1978, after my first field race – as an 11 year old breathless kid.



1984, Just after finishing my last official run (18,5km Apeldoorn Mini Marathon). The distance fell so hard on me that I stopped running for years.


12 mudmaster 1

Mud Masters Obstacle Run 2012

Back in 2012, after years of running holidays my brother lurred me into participating in this 15km mud run, forcing me to pick up my old trainers again. Slowly but steady I got into a routing of training and being able to run longer and longer distances. This made it possible for me to use my running ability for another purpose: Running Shapes – a plan I had for quite some time, but now withing my grasp to realize. In this the idea was to make my own so-called habit-trails, paths walked into the grass by repetative movement.

2013-04-07 190 2013-04-07 191

The longer I was able to run, the more effective  I could draw my fields.

run-04-01 122B

Running Shape #04, Mons BE, 2013

web130809 28LEWITTb

Running Shape #10, (after Dibetts after Sol Lewitt) 2014


It takes to long to walk you through all steps along my work, before ending up making the plan to run from Rotterdam to Berlin, but a key-moment was my participation into an organised race called ‘Limburgs Zwaarste’, which covers a distance of 100km. For me the distance made it possible to see this attempt as a work in itself. A 100 kilometers comparible to a black square or a simple cut in a canvas. A choice opening up new paths rather then and final position or an aknowledgment of what already was.


Km100, 2014


Km142, Running from Rotterdam to Brussels, 2014

A short documentary by Arthur Bueno on my running to Brussels:


A 700km-project as such better not start completely unprepared I thought, so I did several health tests, reading about 1,5 meter of books on long distance running and followed a training regime to prepare myself a little – as far as that’s possible for distances as planned.


Health-check. Better safe than sorry I guess.

* Sport Medical Center Papendal checked and approved the basic mechanics at the beginning of my more heavy training proces.

Dragging A Circle Along a Dutch Polder Road, 2013

*A lack of hills forces you to do weird stuff in the Low countries. Running for 2 hours like this feels like 2 in the Alps, at least imaginary..


web running a pedestal 2

Running A Pedestal, 2014

*A 15km training /try-out run with a 10km wooden pedestal in preparation to a performance, planned 3 days later. The places muscles pain occured quite surprising. (Great lower-back training!)