10tjes Leden / Pressure Group & Sponsors

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Donating pressure through support

I can’t make it without the pressure of your support!

Thanks for the 10 euro donations and beyond. [All mentioned at bottom of this post]

“I’ve managed to gather some money to realize this project so far, but besides the big mental / moral support this extra financial help is of course aswell more than welcome to cover the bulk of the expenses. (as weird this sentence, as much appreciated your gesture.)”

Where in the two earlier projects, (100km and Running Brussels) I got mentally supported through the logo’s and names of my supporters on the T-shirts I whore, in the Rotterdam-Berlin project the names of the supporters/donors will be included in the video documentation of the project that will be included in the Backjumps exhibition.”

“It’s in moments of doubt, most likely more than once, somewhere if not anywhere along the road, its the people behind that support me in this endevor, that put me the pressure to keep moving relentless forward”



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Donating pressure through support. Thank you all!!



The Project Supporters / Pressure group are:

  1. Winet van der Akker
  2. Richard Venema
  3. Animen.com
  4. Eva van Ginhoven
  5. Marie Civikov
  6. Ellen Pronk
  7. Hanneke van der Werf
  8. Team Upstream Amsterdam
  9. Jac & Diny van den Ende
  10. Lise Sinnbeck
  11. Jaap Jongeleen
  12. Luuk Hoevenaars
  13. V & B
  14. Daira Visch
  15. Joost Van Der Heijden
  16. Stichting Polderlicht
  17. John Prop
  18. Willem Speerstra
  19. Felix and Mumford
  20. fam. Nijman
  21. Bart Oppenheimer
  22. Sebastiaan Luiten
  23. Guido Marsille
  24. Jacob
  25. Erik Hoekstra
  26. Guust Augustijn
  27. Erwin Thomasse
  28. Niels Post
  29. Petra van Noort
  30. Harlan Levey Projects
  31. Wing Lam Kwok
  32. Han Hoogerbrugge
  33. Stookolie 010
  34. Henny de Man
  35. Machiel Kunst
  36. Mr. Serious
  37. GIL & MOTI
  38. Rosine Salomons
  39. George Daams
  40. uair01
  41. Chaim van Luit
  42. Simon Kentgens
  43. Abner Preis
  44. Marieke van der Lippe
  45. Maria Ikonomopoulou
  46. Jack van Mildert
  47. Yorit Kluitman
  48.  Galerie Hommes
  49. Ellen Jong A Ling
  50. Gerard Arnikhof
  51. Daan den Houter
  52. Anique Weve
  53. Mariette Dölle
  54. Roos Brouwer
  55. Danny Vloon
  56. We Like Art
  57. Richard Bussink
  58. Sannetje van Haarst
  59. Floriaan Went
  60. Sonja Pflaum
  61. Line Kramer
  62. Arthur Bueno
  63. Maartje Korstanje
  64. Iris Cornelis
  65. Jeroen Heeman
  66. Johannes Langkamp
  67. Hulya Yilmaz


>> aswell as the support of:

Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam

CBK Rotterdam, through their Research & Development grant,



Hardloopwinkel Rotterdam

the generous support of de Hardloopwinkel Rotterdam. [dank Aarnout!]




*Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  ,and now again back too work..