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  • Running Circles

    Running Circles

    [#pointless circles going nowhere] Temporary traces are being made by running repetitively in places of urban pause, circling a centrepoint from a fixed distance. Variations in production between 1 hour and 100 km. Pieces are being documented with a drone ending up as videoworks.

  • Ran

    Ran Ran, 2017 A drawing, being run by various players, obscured by a black dot. “Since 4 years now, Jeroen Jongeleen extended his artpractice with running distances and traces. Tricked by the shortcuts he photographed in parks, he desided to construct his own paths by running for hours and hours along his own drawn parcours. […]

  • Running A Circle Clockwise

    Running A Circle Clockwise

    Jeroen Jongeleen ran a full circle on a 5.5 meter radius string for 8 hours consistently, creating a drawing in the effort. His feet being the tools, the park his canvas. The work found its final public place on the webdomain In the webformat he keeps running a fragment of his action forever, as […]

  • Running Shapes

    Running Shapes

    >> Googleview: Drawing by effort: traces left behind through running a repetative geometric shape in city park. Two of several interventions @ Bien Urbain, Besançon France 2015

  • Running Shapes

    Running Shapes

        Running A Composition With Circles, Squares and Lines